Is this the most potent accountancy beverage?

Let’s dig into the details

ExcelR8 is a sparkling neuro energetic that is squarely aimed at the accountancy market. It is provided in three terrific flavours. An unforgettable Kouros and Mint Pickle hybrid that really needs to be tasted to be believed, then there’s a wonderful retro engineering of Golden Nuggets and Lemon Dip Dabs that makes us all reminisce those fond childhood memories, lastly the Orange Broccoli Cream Fusion makes your mouth feel more alive than it has for many years.

Great tastes aside, ExcelR8 realy, uh, excels, when it comes to the synergised semi organic chemical ingredients. Not only does it contain the trademarked Acuity Blend but also contains pro optimal amounts of many of your RDAs. We noticed a considerable increase in focus and concentration when it came to numerical work of any kind, but especially spreadsheets.

ExcelR8 has set a bold new standard in the crowded accountancy beverage market. The intense power of this drink has to be tasted to be believed.

  • Optimised for business
  • Stimulating taste profiles
  • Highly effective ingredients

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